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Light Fantastic { Mobile and sensory fiber optic installations
Jeremy Lutes, of Light Fantastic, will be presenting the largest exhibit of The Lily Pond since it's debut at Burning Man 2002. A large scale immersive work, The Lily Pond makes use of ceramics, glass, and wire scultpure as well as cutting-edge electronics, in depicting a vibrant and colorful aquatic environment. Also on display will be a work-in-progress for this year's Burning Man, an illuminated ornamental piece which will be part of the Spirata Luminosa.

's work crosses many disciplinary boundaries, from ceramics and fiber arts to steel and electricity. Her work, while rooted in natural materials, often hangs suspended in mid air. Combining colors, shapes and textures in seemingly inordinate ways, Kathleen's eye for harmony, and the occasional odd dash of humor, balance her elemental work. By adding electronics and lighting, her recent work further explores the connections between the earthly familiar and the distinctly otherworldly. Kathleen is an arts organizer and is finishing her BFA in sculpture at San Francisco State University.

JEREMY LUTES works with fiber optics, neon and electronics in creating interactive sculpture, illuminated costuming and large-scale site specific installations. His work is shaped by a deep appreciation for natural and organic forms, and an ever present fascination with color and light. Though technology is often the enabling element of his work, his finished pieces are rarely "technological" in nature; rather they attempt to belie more playful, magical and ethereal origins.

Light Suits, Garden Gate & sculpture by Light Fantastic


The Lily Pond embodies earth, air, and water in its depiction of a vibrant aquatic environment. The pond is made up of almost 300 life size copper lily pads floating at about knee height above the playa. By night, the pads will illuminate the ground beneath them. As people move about in the pond, their motions will cause ripples, undulations, and color shifts in the light cast upon the ground, in effect, simulating the motion of waves on water. Some of the lily pads will also sport hand-blown glass lotus flowers, which will glow and change color as well. Beneath the pads, some dozen or more porcelain koi will lurk, also glowing softly, and upon some of the lily pads wire dragonflies will sit, their fiber-optic wings flickering in the night. Both the koi and dragonflies will be responsive to activity in the pond – too much activity will cause the fish to go dark, or the dragonflies to appear very frenetic.